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by Randi Ward

Meyegraine 56 image
Meyegraine 56
Meyegraine 58
Meyegraine 61

Randi Ward is a writer, translator, lyricist, and photographer from West Virginia. She earned her MA in Cultural Studies from the University of the Faroe Islands and is a recipient of The American-Scandinavian Foundation’s Nadia Christensen Prize. Ward is a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee whose work has appeared in the Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Asymptote, Beloit Poetry Journal, Cimarron Review, Thrush Poetry Journal, Vencil: Anthology of Contemporary Faroese Literature, World Literature Today, and other publications. For more information, visit:


Street Art from Spain

by David J. Thompson

Malaga image
Granada image

David J. Thompson is a former prep school teacher and coach who has been traveling since October 2013. His photography and poetry have appeared in a number of online and print journals including Slipstream, Nerve Cowboy and Midwestern Gothic. He enjoys jazz, film, and minor league baseball, and Frank O’Hara, Chet Baker, and Robert Capa are high on his list of heroes. Please visit his photo website at


A Study in Gestures

by Chrystal Berche

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invert 11
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invert 12
invert 13 image
invert 13
ChrystalBercheChrystal Berche dabbles a lot, and somewhere in those dabbles blossoms ideas that take shape into images. Her current pieces began as 3-minute gesture studies before being paired with photographs of bubbles and incense smoke. She loves to take pictures, especially in the woods, where she can sit on a rock or a log and wait quietly, jotting notes for stories until something happens by. A free spirit, Chrystal digs in dirt, dances in rain, and chases storms, all at the whim of her muses.


Rebecca Waters Steele

The Runaway


Robbin Milne

To credit and thank Robbin Milne for being able to feature her art in the header … Robbin Milne!

Discover more of her work on:



Henry Avignon
Subversive Scheme
A poet and artist close to my heart …


Jude Dillon

Jude Dillon is a poet and photographer living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and his work can be seen on He has written three collections of poetry and has been featured in literary magazines in North America and Europe.”

Michael Mc Aloran
Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976). His most recent poetic works have appeared/ are forthcoming at Clockwise Cat, Carcinogenic Poetry, Why Vandalism?, 1000th Monkey, Fashion For Collapse, Danse Macabre, Fragile Arts Quarterly, Gloom Cupboard, and Pratishedhak, Graffiti Kolkata, (India). His art-work has appeared at Calliope Nerve, Bergamot, Fragile Arts Quarterly, Arterialize, and has also been used as book covers for several projects at Calliope Nerve Media. He is the author of seven short collections of poetry: ‘In The Black Cadaver Light’, (Poetry Monthly Press), ‘The Rapacious Night’, (Calliope Nerve Media), ‘The Gathered Bones’, (Calliope Nerve Media), ‘The Redundant Pulse’, (Back Pack Press), and ‘The Death-Streaked Air’, (Virgogray Press-forthcoming), ‘The Black Vault’, (Calliope Nerve Media), ‘Final Fragments’, (Calliope Nerve Media-forthcoming)…Other pursuits include cigarettes and alcohol…


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