The Long Way Home

It’s an old story–the child who goes away and the one who stays, the bargain struck and the bond between them and the promises, spoken and unspoken, that must be kept. What does the prodigal one find if she returns? What sacrifices were asked of the one who stayed? ~Bram Shay, Editor .Wa I’ll BringContinue reading “The Long Way Home”

Poetry Issue # 148

The American electoral process is a lot like poetry: it’s an amazing, empowering process that fills one with euphoria and hope, and then it’s over. But seriously folks. I just want to apologize to all you that follow and its poetry section for not getting a poetry issue to you for October. As someContinue reading “Poetry Issue # 148”

Poetry Issue # 147

In this issue we have poems from highly-educated individuals that waste their time writing poems, by and large for free. But, hey, I aint hatin’. On a serious note. I wish I would have received some Sept. 11, 1973 poems on the late President Salvador Allende of Chile and the US/CIA-backed coup d’état. Every yearContinue reading “Poetry Issue # 147”

Poetry # 146

I have the ability to read poetry from all corners of the world, Africa, India, and weird ass places like Florida and forgotten northern towns of California. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. As much as I complain about it, it’s truly a gift that I am allowed this. The following issue has some reallyContinue reading “Poetry # 146”