Behind the relentless marquees

I just returned from a work trip to Vegas and was reminded again of the immense darkness that lies behind the relentless marquees, the canned attractions, overdone resorts, and extraverted casinos. What intrigues me are the people, the ones who live off the scraps: the immigrants in stained shirts flicking pornographic cards at tourists; the oversunned men undoing the failed Harmon Hotel,Continue reading “Behind the relentless marquees”

Out of the Cupboard #16

Presenting: Christopher Savage Editor’s Note: I don’t remember how, exactly, I found Christopher Savage and his compatriots, the Boho Cocos. I do know that I was still living in Ohio (although at this point I was preparing to come to Austin), and trying to start writing again after graduate school had sucked out my creativity.Continue reading “Out of the Cupboard #16”

Out of the Cupboard #14

Presenting: Justin Hyde sitting alone at the authentic mexican restaurant a young family in the booth behind me. the daughter: pale-faced about my son’s age. she stands up turns around little finger tapping my shoulder she asks: where’s your family? abby your father said sit down, her mother says plopping her back into the booth.Continue reading “Out of the Cupboard #14”

Out of the Cupboard #13

Presenting: Shane Allison If I Was the Editor of a Literary Magazine I would reject anything that didn’t have the words dick, tits or pussy in it. And I don’t mean the Biological terms like penis, breasts or vagina. Some places don’t take erotica, pornography or gay and lesbian themes, but I would welcome theContinue reading “Out of the Cupboard #13”

Out of the Cupboard #11

Presenting: George Anderson Jenny, the Blindman & I We stroll intimately with locked arms up Symonds Street up to the Thai Archer the Blindman quietly humming a tune any tune which pops into his head the songs simply appear he can’t explain why He feels her nails scratching his plaster cast & he halts cattleContinue reading “Out of the Cupboard #11”