In Conversation with Ploi Pirapokin

Shamar Hill: I’m curious about your background and how you came to writing. Ploi Pirapokin: I came to writing primarily because I loved reading and wanted to be in conversation with the authors I read. My father had always boasted about having read every book in the library at university and 6-year-old me wanted toContinue reading “In Conversation with Ploi Pirapokin”

The Seventh Хорошо: A Conversation with Yuriy Tarnawsky

Poet, translator, and fiction writer Yuriy Tarnawsky is a founding member of the New York Group and, as the faithful reader will recall, star of the fourth “Xорошо.” His latest work, consisting of The Placebo Effect Trilogy (JEF Books) and Modus Tollens (Jaded Ibis Productions) manages to be at once fluid and oddly specific; familiar yet unsettling. Tarnawsky, as usual, unnerves theContinue reading “The Seventh Хорошо: A Conversation with Yuriy Tarnawsky”

The Sixth Хорошо: Interview with Nazila Isgandarova

Azerbaijani-born chaplain, counselor, and researcher Dr. Nazila Isgandarova is head of the Azerbaijani Women’s Support Centre in Ontario, Canada, and author of numerous publications on war violence against women, rape as a weapon of war, and new models of Islamic spiritual care and counseling. Her recent novel, The Nectar of Passion, a narrative of interfaith love, is set in modern-day OntarioContinue reading “The Sixth Хорошо: Interview with Nazila Isgandarova”

The Fifth Хорошо: Interview with Rodica Mihailis

Memoirist, blogger, and soon-to-be clinical psychologist Rodica Mihailis has undergone many personal evolutions since her defection from communist Romania in 1981. Her recent memoir, The Gypsy Saw Two Lives (Strategic Book Publishing), itself evolved from her popular blog, chronicles the adaptations that have characterized her life on both sides of the Atlantic with humor and perspective—and aContinue reading “The Fifth Хорошо: Interview with Rodica Mihailis”

The Fourth Хорошо: Interview with Yuriy Tarnawsky

Poet, translator, and fiction writer Yuriy Tarnawsky is a founding member of the New York Group, a friend to the surreal, and a fond misanthrope. His newest collection, Short Tails (JEF Books/Civil Coping Mechanisms), from a festival of grotesquerie and the existential struggle, is populated by characters who, variously, absorb Lenin’s verbal and gustatory tics, shed skin andContinue reading “The Fourth Хорошо: Interview with Yuriy Tarnawsky”

Christopher Bowen interviews Rebecca Steele!

  The 1920’s and 30’s are two very different eras that depict themselves well in your work.  I find myself going from glamorous, inspiring and lively moods to very moody, ,modest, and misunderstood ones.  A purer example of this may be in two of your 2007 acrylic pieces, American Woman and Lonely Heart.  It seemsContinue reading “Christopher Bowen interviews Rebecca Steele!”

The Third Хорошо: Interview with Paul Rogov

If you must know, Paul Rogov is from Minsk, Belarus, lives in southern California, and will blog for you about war, art, and trauma. But he’s not giving up his biography. Not that it’s important. With narratives populated by men with Saussurean scars, failed fathers, and gawky boy soldiers disfigured by adrenaline, how much could any individual’s biography matter?Continue reading “The Third Хорошо: Interview with Paul Rogov”

The Duality of Doing, the Singularity of Art

Eeenterview with Neil Rothstein By Luis Rivas Neil Rothstein is 34 (but doesn’t look a day over 33), and lives and works in Manchester, England. He studied fine art at Bath Spa University over ten years ago. From his little in-house studio, he produces his artwork, paintings and writing.   Neil has said, “In myContinue reading “The Duality of Doing, the Singularity of Art”

The Second Хорошо: Interview with Alex Pruteanu

Alex Pruteanu is the author of Short Lean Cuts, a novella which, amongst other topics, explores the ever-escalating narratives offered for public consumption. Fittingly, my acquaintance with Pruteanu developed online and progressed via Facebook, the ultimate forum for constructed narratives of life and self. A native of Romania, familiar of Moldova, and American of thirty years,Continue reading “The Second Хорошо: Interview with Alex Pruteanu”

Хорошо 1.1: Chuvash Folk Songs

English version by Valery Petrovskiy after Russian translation by Alexei Prokopyev.    Requiems (2) 1/ Eh, the miserable wide world – There is the only sun, and the only moon. There is at least some of the wide world around! Eh, the miserable other world— There are seven suns, and there are seven moons there,Continue reading “Хорошо 1.1: Chuvash Folk Songs”