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T. M. De Vos is a lover of sad languages, independent republics, and unmarketable skills. She joined hands with Gloom Cupboard shortly after her poem, “Quarantine,” was published in Issue #124.  Her poems, which have been described as “dark and sickening,” have appeared in Hawaii Pacific ReviewPainted Bride QuarterlyPedestalQuiddity, the Los Angeles ReviewCaper JournalSakura ReviewBosphorus Art Project Quarterly, and the Saint Ann’s Review, to name a few.  Her short stories, which have not yet been compellingly described, have appeared in HOBARTPrime Number Magazine, the Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette Global City ReviewWhistling FireDossier Journal, and Dark Sky Magazine. She is working on her first novel.

Bram Shay received an MFA in Creative Writing from New York University. His work has appeared in Stirring, where it was nominated for a Pushcart Prize; Harpur PalateFourteen HillsWashington Square; Offcourse Literary JournalMerge PoetrySlow Trains; and SFWP. As the Director of Information Services for Poets & Writers, Inc., he led numerous writing workshops and publishing panels at the Decatur Book Festival, AWP Conference, Random House Creative Writing Competition Program, Adelphi University Writing Program, and Marymount College Writers Conference. In addition, he has served on the editorial staff of One Story and as a judge for the Writer’s Exchange Fiction Prize and Seth Barkis Fiction Award. He is a regular volunteer for Housing Works Bookstore and the PEN World Voices Literary Festival.

Book Review Editor

Shamar Hill, who is Jewish, Bajan and Cherokee, graduated from the MFA program at New York University. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Department of Cultural Affairs of New York City Award for Artists and the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship. His work was featured on the public television series “Caught in the Act: Art in Brooklyn” and has been published in magazines and journals, including The American Reader and has work forthcoming at Southern Humanities Review. He is working on his first poetry collection Photographs of an Imagined Childhood and a memoir In Defiance of All True Things.

Credit to Those Who Deserve It

Richard Wink (Previous Editor-in-Chief and creator of Gloom Cupboard)
Lena Vanelslander (Previous Editor-in-Chief)
Alan Garvey (Previous Co-Editor-in-Chief)
Dorla Moorehouse (Previous Poetry Editor)
Stuart Sharp (Previous Fiction Editor)
Greg Oguss (Previous Editor)
Jude Dillon (Previous Co-Editor)
Joseph M. Gant (Previous Poetry Editor)

10 thoughts on “Editorial Staff

  1. Lena

    Congratulations on taking over as the head of GC…. i am looking forward to working with you…. can you send me your email so i can contact you and send you ‘my poets’ for Happy there in My Agony…. maybe you have a philosophy you want to work into GC….i’m all ears…this could be a very new and exciting approach…..


  2. Hey Jude,

    thanks :)! I allready sent you a mail … looking forward to it! Richard’s departure saddens me deeply but let’s make the best of it … Thank you, I hope I can fullfill your expectations 😉


  3. Hello, my name is Jarrett Fulton. I am a new, emerging writer who specialized in the short creative writing. I just want to make sure the email is up to date and if you are still accepting email submissions at this time. (The literary market can get pretty hectic and things may change at a moment notice, so bear with me.) Other than that, I hope to hear from you soon, so that I can submit my manuscript to you.

    Have a blessed day.


    Jarrett Fulton

  4. Wel, wel, wel een alternatieve dichteres in de familie.
    Googelend kom je nog eens iets te weten dees dagen.
    Allez, meiske veel geluk en doorzettingsvermogen.

    Nonkel Carlos

    P.S. Ik blijf dit vanaf nu sporadisch wel volgen hé !

  5. Добрый день Тиффани М. Де Вос!
    Я лауреат литературных премий, автор многих рассказов в жанре Флэш-фикшн.
    Написаны они на русском языке. Хотел бы их напечатать в Америке в переводе на английском. Какое издание вы порекомендуете?
    Пишите на мой е=мэйл. обо мне на ссылке: http://www.yefim-gammer.com
    Ефим Гаммер

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