The Duality of Doing, the Singularity of Art

Eeenterview with Neil Rothstein By Luis Rivas Neil Rothstein is 34 (but doesn’t look a day over 33), and lives and works in Manchester, England. He studied fine art at Bath Spa University over ten years ago. From his little in-house studio, he produces his artwork, paintings and writing.   Neil has said, “In myContinue reading “The Duality of Doing, the Singularity of Art”

The Second Хорошо: Interview with Alex Pruteanu

Alex Pruteanu is the author of Short Lean Cuts, a novella which, amongst other topics, explores the ever-escalating narratives offered for public consumption. Fittingly, my acquaintance with Pruteanu developed online and progressed via Facebook, the ultimate forum for constructed narratives of life and self. A native of Romania, familiar of Moldova, and American of thirty years,Continue reading “The Second Хорошо: Interview with Alex Pruteanu”