May You Live in Interesting Times by JP Reese

     In the early 1980s when I transferred to Dalt’s restuarant in Miami as an opening team member, I never imagined I was beginning a life in the restaurant business that would last more than a decade, that I would invent an entire category of health drinks for TGI Friday’s that are still on theirContinue reading “May You Live in Interesting Times by JP Reese”

Lilting at Windmills — a review of Stacia M. Fleegal’s ‘Versus’ by Jason Lee Miller

At Don Quixote’s house, before his journey, there was nothing more dangerous than a poet. Centuries later, one wonders if a poem can still cause any real movement—if a protest poem read from the steps of a capitol can cause any chip in the marble, or in the windmill across the way. Stacia Fleegal’s Versus acknowledgesContinue reading “Lilting at Windmills — a review of Stacia M. Fleegal’s ‘Versus’ by Jason Lee Miller”

Хорошо 1.1: Chuvash Folk Songs

English version by Valery Petrovskiy after Russian translation by Alexei Prokopyev.    Requiems (2) 1/ Eh, the miserable wide world – There is the only sun, and the only moon. There is at least some of the wide world around! Eh, the miserable other world— There are seven suns, and there are seven moons there,Continue reading “Хорошо 1.1: Chuvash Folk Songs”

The First Хорошо: Interview with Valery Petrovskiy

Valery Petrovskiy is the author of numerous short stories—published both in English and in Russian—and IнтимNОе, a collection of short stories in Russian. I made Petrovskiy’s acquaintance online, after reading several of his short stories in English: struck by his symbolic language and compact narratives, I contacted him, and we soon developed a literary friendship.Continue reading “The First Хорошо: Interview with Valery Petrovskiy”