Review of Jesus Angel Garcia’s badbadbad (By Jason Lee Miller)

One of the most important (and productively hurtful) things a writing mentor once said to me, after reading a piece I’d written and rewritten I didn’t know how many times, was “Good job. Second draft out of ten.” Jesus Angel Garcia’s “transmedia” novel, badbadbad, though presented as finished, seems in actuality at a similar awkwardContinue reading “Review of Jesus Angel Garcia’s badbadbad (By Jason Lee Miller)”

The Rainbow’s End: Martin Egblewogbe

Martin Egblewogbe stands at the door of most well-meaning literary activities in Ghana, turning the knob and ushering you in with a smile, if you were a visitor to West Africa’s calmest country, longing for poetry and beer. You will be drawn to him before his poetry, organisational panache in the city of Accra ofContinue reading “The Rainbow’s End: Martin Egblewogbe”