Pushcart Nominations 2010

The votes are cast and the stamp is licked.  The best poems and stories on Gloom Cupboard for 2010 have been nominated.  Since 1976, the Pushcart Prize has been awarded to the best “poetry, short fiction, essays or literary whatnot”.

Founded by such famous persons as Buckminster Fuller, Joyce Carol Oates, Ralph Ellison, and Gordon Lish, the Pushcart Prize is awarded annually and the stories published in a book that represents the best of American literature.  The “2011 Pushcart Prize” just came out in November with the best of 2009.  The 2010 nominations that were due December 1 will be judged and the winners published next November in the “2012 Pushcart Prize” book.

So what did we find outstanding?  If you pick up a copy of a Pushcart, you’ll see stiff competition, so we took this process seriously.  We didn’t nominate the people we liked the best or even the most popular stories.  These are pieces that moved us; pieces that said something in a way we hadn’t experienced before; pieces that should be read again. Here they are:


In Poetry, Joseph Gant’s two nominated pieces are:

for Larkin by David McLean
This Old Pain by Edward O’Dwyer

In Fiction, Allie Dresser’s two nominated stories are:

Small Movements by Jaimie Eubanks

Grandma’s Morphine by Gina Smith


In Non-Fiction, Luis Rivas’ two nominations are:

Mad World by Meghan Kathleen Barnes

It Tastes Like Rust by YT Summer


Congratulations go out to these writers.  Many thanks to all the writers that have lent their words to us to make Gloom Cupboard a great spot for reading.  Send us your best in 2011 as all submissions are considered for Pushcart.

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