The Process by Neil Rothstein

– I’d like to rip myself apart to prove to you how I work. Standing on the edge of a mental precipice, and the choices seemed to overwhelm me, each colour invading my sequence, I started to externalize every thought, the actions of others no longer had any meaning to me, indeed the forms andContinue reading “The Process by Neil Rothstein”

Interview with Liese Chavez

Liese Chavez, an emerging artist who uses different medians to expose the visual pleasures of magical realism shares with Gloom Cupboard just what it is that makes her art so unique. M.K. Barnes   How would you say that your art matured over your career, particularly in the past two years? The narrative paintings andContinue reading “Interview with Liese Chavez”

It Tastes Like Rust by yt sumner

You look depressed. I want to sweep my hand across the table when people say things like this. My spine straightens as I imagine the sound the glasses will make when they smash, how everyone will jump. I can’t sleep. He smiles like we’re old friends. We’re not. He’s old friends with the one sittingContinue reading “It Tastes Like Rust by yt sumner”