The Little Playah by Thomas Sullivan

It’s my first lesson of the morning, but I’m already in a rough mood. Teaching seven or eight lessons day after day is like driving to Seattle and back on a daily basis. Given my random crop of students, it’s like spending each day with a series of cabbies whose skills you don’t quite trust.Continue reading “The Little Playah by Thomas Sullivan”

Odd Couplings by Gil A. Waters

My mother eloquently captured the incongruous nature of her marriage to my father with a powerfully mundane anecdote: her own mother, dirt-poor Irish immigrant though she was, offered her every penny of her paltry life savings to not marry my dad. For my maternal grandmother, an ever-suffering Catholic from the land of perpetual potato blightContinue reading “Odd Couplings by Gil A. Waters”

Interzones by Neil Rothstein

a terrible decision has been made, the outline of discovery made, intricacies, delaying the downfall, dream state and reality merging into one, dreams of murder by strangling, a view of violence and guilt, but still, a delay in proceedings causing anxiety in long distance trawler fishermen, although they certainly will deny this.a terrible decision hasContinue reading “Interzones by Neil Rothstein”

From the Desk of the Poetry Editor

Greetings all. My name is Joseph M. Gant. In addition to being Gloom Cupboard’s new poetry editor, I have been, and still am, Poet in Residence and Poetry Editor for Sex and Murder Magazine as well as a contributor for Outsider Writers Collective. In the coming weeks, I will be going through a large numberContinue reading “From the Desk of the Poetry Editor”

Review of David McLean’s Pushing Lemmings

Pushing Lemmings By David McLean Reviewed by Joseph M. Gant “my blessed devils” i hope the blessed devils and accursed bacteria that live in me scratch runes on my hollow sounding bones that the replete ghouls may read a lesson of profoundest negativity when they plow through the meat machine me and see nothing insideContinue reading “Review of David McLean’s Pushing Lemmings”