Mad World by Meghan Kathleen Barnes

Three weeks after he died, Blake casually walked past me, opened the door of a blue hatchback and drove away.  It was far from the beat up clunker he drove when we started college, and I wondered how he was able to afford it.  None the less, I quickly slid my car into drive andContinue reading “Mad World by Meghan Kathleen Barnes”

The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #10: poetess M. Jay Smith

Jude Dillon presents: M. Jay Smith M. Jay Smith is a Toronto-based writer and poet originally from Edmonton, Alberta. Her work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and literary journals throughout the continent. Although she quit formal academic investigations into experimental poetry and aesthetic theory with the birth of her daughter in 2005, she continues toContinue reading “The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #10: poetess M. Jay Smith”