Joseph M. Gant reviews Quills of Fire (M. Campiz and L. Vanelslander)

Two women, worlds apart. Lena Vanelslander, writing from Ghent, Belgium and Marilyn Campiz, a writer from the United States and teaching in South Korea, come together in a fury of words spanning a whole of three weeks and birthing 139 pages of wonder titled “Quills of Fire.”

Trinkets by Jennifer Houston

            I’ve done this once before when I needed extra cash; sold my dead mother’s jewelry.   I harbor no sentimental attachment to any of it or to any that was given to me when I was a child.   Horses are what I value— endearing chestnuts, somber browns, and a couple of scrappy gray ponies. TheyContinue reading “Trinkets by Jennifer Houston”

The Penis Game by Chloe Caldwell

“Wouldn’t it be like so funny if my penis could talk?” Henri says.   He is three years old, I am twenty years older than that and I am babysitting him. We are cousins. I am secretly pretending he is my little brother. He is openly pretending I am Ariel from The Little Mermaid. ExceptContinue reading “The Penis Game by Chloe Caldwell”

Kaspar Traulhaine, approximate by D’Stair: David Blaine at your reviewing service!

Kaspar Traulhaine, approximate by Pablo D’Stair Reviewed by David Blaine Published 2009 by Brown Paper Publishing ISBN 978-1-43829-184-0 152 pp, paperback, $6.95 U.S. This novel is the paranoid screed of its psychotic first person narrator, Kaspar Traulhaine.