Fighting Fate, for the Flames by Meghan Kathleen Barnes

Ten months after I miserably-contorted my body beneath the tranquil coat of my deceased dog—the placid autumn sun locking his muscles forever in the desolate expression of his passing— the two-story, haint blue house my neighbors owned, mysteriously burnt to the ground.  Officially, the fire was said to have been started by an over-turned lampContinue reading “Fighting Fate, for the Flames by Meghan Kathleen Barnes”

The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #9: Alison Hedley

Jude Dillon presents: Alison Hedley Alison Hedley likes to eat books, and then write about them. She is partway through year six of a four year English B.A. at St. Mary’s University College, Calgary, Alberta. God only knows what she’ll do when that’s done. Alison Hedley works at Caffe Beano. Alison Hedley falls down aContinue reading “The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #9: Alison Hedley”

Please Don’t Turn Around by Gabriel Duran

I’m looking carefully at the ice cream flavors listed in a cheerful yellow chalk scrawl above our heads. I don’t understand why making something harder to read is regarded as artsy and charming.  An old man is trying to engage us in conversation. I do my best to ignore him.             “Where are you guysContinue reading “Please Don’t Turn Around by Gabriel Duran”