The Rainbow’s End: Luis Rivas

Introducing Luis Rivas, seems like introducing my favourite writer I got to know this year … his writing, work and attitude towards the world so close to my heart, my vision of the world. I can only recommend the reader to read his poetry fully, addictive, beautifull, heartbreaking but always with reason. I present youContinue reading “The Rainbow’s End: Luis Rivas”

The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #8: Gillian Prew

Jude Dillon presents: The poet Gillian Prew for “Happy There in My Agony” #8 Bio  Gillian Prew lives in Scotland. She has a philosophy degree and a succession of low-paid, menial jobs to her credit. Some of her poems can be found at Eviscerator Heaven, Up the Staircase, The Glasgow Review, Eleutheria, The Recusant, HeavyContinue reading “The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #8: Gillian Prew”

Dysfunctional Desire by Gil. A. Waters

           At the time, it seemed like the ideal moment to make my move.            It’s not every day I find myself engaged in rapt conversation with a beautiful woman fifteen years younger than myself; her eyes fixed on mine with an intensity suggesting more than a passing interest.             Smoothly, coolly, nonchalantly, I said, “We shouldContinue reading “Dysfunctional Desire by Gil. A. Waters”

On Being Ugly by Chloe Caldwell

Amazing girlfriend, ugly lover, still not happy. That is what you wrote. Jotted down, really. The way people write: Eggs, milk, get computer fixed. It was written in the top left corner of your journal that I was reading front to back even though you’d left me at your apartment in trust, while you wentContinue reading “On Being Ugly by Chloe Caldwell”

Submission Call – Sex and Murder Magazine

Message from poetry editor Joseph M. Gant Sex and Murder Magazine is seeking poetry, dark fiction, art, and now Mp3s of music and spoken word. Check us out at We’re growing fast and seeking talent to come on board. Joseph M. Gant Poet in Residence / Poetry Editor Sex and Murder Magazine