From chaos into order and from order into chaos …

For those who noticed and those who didn’t … We could have taken the silent road … but we didn’t. With great pain and grief I announce the departure for personal reasons of our editor Richard Wink, who handed me the torch to keep the flame of unconventionality burning. Gloom Cupboard will not disappear (as soContinue reading “From chaos into order and from order into chaos …”

The Rainbow’s End #5

Jaria Cecil Sowl: the unconventional one Jariah Cecil Sowl, unconventional in life, love and writing, started writing after a deeply depressing event … Tribulations caused this writer to take on the writing skill or to put his talent into use … The tribulations may have gone by, but luckily his writing stayed, for you, forContinue reading “The Rainbow’s End #5”

Social-Networking Fatigue: A Status Update

by Greg Oguss & Richard Wink   When we deleted our Twitter accounts last week to take a break from the tweeting-blogging-yelping rat race, we were in good company. The ubiquitous Miley Cyrus became slightly less so that same week by deleting her own account. Her father Billy Ray (a.k.a. @AchyBreakyDad) quickly fired off anContinue reading “Social-Networking Fatigue: A Status Update”