The Rainbow’s End #4

Casey Mensing: Gipsy thoughts under the moon of longing and desire   Short Biography Casey Mensing was born in a town called, Breese. His family was the restless sort, so he’s lived a few other places since then. Currently, he’s residing in Honolulu, HI.  Mr. Mensing started out as a compulsive liar but switched toContinue reading “The Rainbow’s End #4”

Fire and Rain (Vol I) by RD Armstrong

Poets can express a lot in few words and a little in a lot of words … Since the first kind appeals most to my mind most poetry I will appreciate is short, to the point, brief, concise and preferably with wit or irony. But to quote R.M. Engelhardt on this matter: ‘there is stillContinue reading “Fire and Rain (Vol I) by RD Armstrong”

Roundtable: Transglobal Edition

Welcome one and all to the inaugural Roundtable, where we the Gloom Cupboard Editorial Team chew over various pressing matters. On the panel today we have Dorla Moorehouse (DM), Greg Oguss (GO), Jude Dillon (JD), Lena Vanelslander (LV), Richard Wink (RW) and Stuart Sharp (SS). Let’s Get Down to Business: What are your opinions onContinue reading “Roundtable: Transglobal Edition”