A Day in the Life of an Australian Poet?

It’s funny, as in awkward, I think; the word poet. And the word Australian. I can’t really say I’m either. My family and i came over from Leeds, England in 1988 so my father could work as a sand blaster for a mob down under. That went tits up but my Old boy decided toContinue reading “A Day in the Life of an Australian Poet?”

The Rainbow’s End #2

Debbie Berk: the story of life Short biography: The daughter of an abusive, alcoholic father Debbie Berk was born in Ohio in 1969 as the oldest of five children. She married in 1992, gave birth in 1993 and 1996. She has two grown step-sons and two step grandchildren. She’s had a lifelong battle with depressionContinue reading “The Rainbow’s End #2”

#104 – Poetry

Felino Soriano Painters’ Exhalations 471 —after Gustave Caillebotte ‘s Floor Scrapers Their effort contained glory of the ensuing corporeal construction. As with much of human encounters, distance of the future body travels into open chests of preexamined endeavors, creating existence of the blood-made association with existential noumenon. Philosophy of dedication carves into the hands’ manyContinue reading “#104 – Poetry”

The Rainbow’s End #1

The Rainbow’s End by Lena Vanelslander The Rainbow’s end is a returning piece treating specific writers, known and lesser known, published or self-published. Each time one writer stands in the spotlight, presented to you through 4 essential aspects: biography, core questions, poetry and a piece on the work of the author. The end of theContinue reading “The Rainbow’s End #1”

The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #1

Jude Dillon Presents: Leslie McGrath  Gluttony Up, up the steep road to San Gimignano, through high-walled protection from pestilence, plague, and less lethal enemies in the darker centuries, we passed up the Museum of Torture for the small church where a quattrocento artist had frescoed his revenge in the faces of the damned. There, theContinue reading “The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #1”