Issue 102- Prose

A mixture of the short and the slightly longer this time, touching on everything from nearly burning your house down, to the problems of counting sheep. As wonderful as all these pieces are, I must admit to a certain fondness for Mark Howard Jones’ Sleep Sheep, which is delightfully whimsical. Incidentally, anyone looking for poetryContinue reading “Issue 102- Prose”

#101 – Poetry

Connie Stadler Morning Near Cape May,          Summer 2009 Charcoal waves                            devour blond skin sand. Thrush and swallow                   sing to no ear overwhelmed by the                   ravenous                            cackling               salted                                    gull.   Striated skein sky aqua, ivory and slate unravels                            bulbous cumulus                                     and more threatening                                                    formations. The discordant pulsing neap tide forbids getaway respite                   forgetting. I will stalkContinue reading “#101 – Poetry”

The Snob Report #2

Greg Oguss Movie Malaise Discussion of “What’s Ailing Hollywood?” has always been a dependable method of gobbling up column space in newspapers, magazines and, now, their digital counterparts. In 1964, Pauline Kael asked “Are the Movies Going to Pieces?” in The Atlantic Monthly, claiming that the younger generation’s embrace of crudely made films and theContinue reading “The Snob Report #2”

Out of the Cupboard #16

Presenting: Christopher Savage Editor’s Note: I don’t remember how, exactly, I found Christopher Savage and his compatriots, the Boho Cocos. I do know that I was still living in Ohio (although at this point I was preparing to come to Austin), and trying to start writing again after graduate school had sucked out my creativity.Continue reading “Out of the Cupboard #16”

Gonzo Cupboard #1

Welcome to the first installment of Gonzo Cupboard, a periodic nonfiction-themed edition of Mr. Wink’s Cabinet of Wonders. Due to a dangerous lack of supervision (says Wink via e-mail: “I am not going to play interfering dictator, do whatever you please”), I’ll be posting bits of irresponsible journalism, oddball humor, and an occasional work ofContinue reading “Gonzo Cupboard #1”