OMG, Click Me! #2

AV Flox The Disconnect In The Age of Ambient Awareness Steven Porricelli has never thrown his wife’s laptop out the window, but he’s wanted to. “Technology is a necessary evil,” he told LifeWire about his wife, Jane, who runs “She’s always texting in one hand and Twittering (an online social network and messaging service)Continue reading “OMG, Click Me! #2”

Cash Rules Everything Around Me #6

Greg Oguss on Pop Culture I AND I Metaanything, as the self-proclaimed Internet webcocks refer to commentary about commentary, seems to be everywhere these days. On Gawker, snarky columns mock Wired for illustrating the backhanded art of the unflattering cover with a front page photo of former Star! columnist Julia Allison captioned by a headlineContinue reading “Cash Rules Everything Around Me #6”