Out of the Cupboard #13

Presenting: Shane Allison If I Was the Editor of a Literary Magazine I would reject anything that didn’t have the words dick, tits or pussy in it. And I don’t mean the Biological terms like penis, breasts or vagina. Some places don’t take erotica, pornography or gay and lesbian themes, but I would welcome theContinue reading “Out of the Cupboard #13”

This World, My World #1

Ananya S Guha Cricketing Memories The first cricket test match that I saw but could not witness was the famed one between India and the West Indies in 1967. ‘Famed’ unfortunately for all the wrong reasons; far removed from cricketing attributes or skills. The match went down in the annals of cricketing history as oneContinue reading “This World, My World #1”

Cash Rules Everything Around Me #5

Greg Oguss on Pop Culture GAME RECOGNIZE GAME “I know Todd Boyd. You’re no Todd Boyd,” a fiftysomething hippie poet named told me last fall, referencing the most quotable professor on the University of Southern California campus, aka the Notorious PhD. The hippie was correct, technically. Unlike the well-known African-American cultural critic Dr. Boyd, I’mContinue reading “Cash Rules Everything Around Me #5”