RSS This #4

Richard NesbergThe (Inter)National Webovision When YouTube hit the intarweb in 2005 a fundamental change occurred in the way media is assembled, distributed, and accessed. Sure, underground outlets for film, television, music, and art existed long before YouTube. However, never before in modern times had the capacity existed for the average person to disseminate information andContinue reading “RSS This #4”


Matthew Friday The Other Side of the Platform ‘I’m getting a double bed tonight.’ ‘Oh yeah?’ ‘Yeah. Well good.’ ‘I know what you wanna do in that, Kas.’ ‘Shut up, Gemma. Not interested in any of that.’ ‘I believe you, I believe you.’ ‘Shut up.’

something, i dunno #3

Jack Henry Back in my days of youth, in the semi-rolling hills just below the mountains of the Angelus National Forest, at the ass in of Los Angeles, I lived a normal life. Typical all-American kid, doing typical things such as riding bikes, swimming at the public pool during the summer, walking up the streetContinue reading “something, i dunno #3”

Cash Rules Everything Around Me #4

Greg Oguss on Pop Culture Coming Soon to an Intarweb Near You This month’s regular programming of Cash Rules has been preempted. Instead of the usual arrogant column on a selection of random shit you’ve grown accustomed to seeing in this space over the past several months, you’re in for a special treat. The followingContinue reading “Cash Rules Everything Around Me #4”