RSS This #3

Richard Nesberg Secret Languages Secret languages surround us. As humans we gather ourselves into groups smaller than Human and from such categorization we learn our secret languages. A secret language is a form or method of communication not readily understood by the masses, but requiring some membership or specialized knowledge to be understood. Examples rangeContinue reading “RSS This #3”

Out of the Cupboard #11

Presenting: George Anderson Jenny, the Blindman & I We stroll intimately with locked arms up Symonds Street up to the Thai Archer the Blindman quietly humming a tune any tune which pops into his head the songs simply appear he can’t explain why He feels her nails scratching his plaster cast & he halts cattleContinue reading “Out of the Cupboard #11”

Cash Rules Everything Around Me #3

Greg Oguss on Pop Culture ON FILM CRITICS AND OTHER USELESS THINGS What I like about the vast majority of film critics is how little they know about making movies. Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about. There are actually two scripts that every film crew works off of during production. OneContinue reading “Cash Rules Everything Around Me #3”