Out of the Cupboard #4

Presenting: Lyn Lifshin COVE POINT Some afternoons, in a certain mood, there’s a word, a name I have to remember. Some times its for no reason: the twins I never could remember till I thought of cameras in the attic: Garret and Cameron. Yesterday it was the ramshackle casino, it’s name over the lake where,Continue reading “Out of the Cupboard #4”

Cash Rules Everything Around Me #1

Greg Oguss on Pop Culture News from the 90210 District and Adjacent Territories Everyone wants to be rich and famous. That’s a truism, like “You can never be too rich or too thin,” as the Duchess of Windsor said back in the 19th century when people were romanticizing the TB-chic look, the pre-cursor to today’sContinue reading “Cash Rules Everything Around Me #1”